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Hey guys! I’m delighted to be going back to RMFC this year. I won’t have a table of my own (nor will Sofawolf) but you can probably find me lurking around the FurPlanet table when I’m not at panels. At the very least I will arrange some definite signing times with those guys and I’ll tweet them once we have them.

Here are the panels I’m doing:

Write Now! — This is my popular short story panel wherein I talk about building the core of a short story and then give you half an hour to come up with/start writing yours! We’ll also generate a prompt if you don’t want to write your own, and if we have time we might let people read what they wrote. (Friday, 4-5:30 pm, Breckinridge Ballroom)

Adult Furry Writing — Rob Baird and I (and maybe some other surprise guests!) will do one of our favorite panels, wherein we talk about the lusty, sexy side of furry writing. We will of course be taking your questions. (Friday, 7-8:30  pm, Durango (presumably a room of that name and not the actual town but that is what’s listed on my schedule))

Writing With Technology — Rob and I will be doing this one as well, a look into the tools available to make our writing easier today, or more complicated if that’s what you want. We’ll talk about word processing programs and mobile apps and tablets and maybe even smart pens. (Saturday, 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Crested Butte Meeting Room (that one sounds like it really would have been better for the Adult Writing panel, no?))

Kyell Gold Reading — I’ve got a Cupcake in the works and three novels in process. I’ll read from one of those (probably) and will take your questions about anything else. This is your chance to hear a bit of a story before anyone else! (Saturday, 3-4pm, Telluride Meeting Room)

So it looks like Friday and Sunday I’m pretty free during the day and will definitely have some time at the FurPlanet table then. They will (hopefully!) have stock of Black Angel and Over Time as well as all my other books.

Looking forward to seeing all you lovely people amid the great snowy (or not) mountains of Denver!

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