Audiobook Question

Hey, you listeners of audiobooks. Question for y’all. I’m thinking of doing an audiobook version of “Twelve Sides,” and I’ve never done a collection of stories before. One idea would be to have a narrator just read all of them. Another idea I had is that for the stories linked to certain existing books, have the narrator of those books read the stories. So Savrin would read the OOP-connected stories, Jay Maxwell would read the Dangerous Spirits story, and if I could get Rob back, he’d read the Waterways story (there is no Bridges story but I would likely read one or two of the others), and it’d be a chance for one or two narrators to come in for a shorter project than a full novel.

What do you guys think? Would switching narrators around be too jarring? Or would you rather hear the same people in the same worlds?

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