Side Story Collection Now Available For Sale!

I wrote twelve side stories with characters from my previous novels last year for supporters of my Patreon, and now you can see all those stories, many with illustrations by Rukis! It’s for sale on right now:¬†

In a month or so I’ll put it up on the big retail stores, but because of issues I’ve had over image content, probably I will take the explicit images out of it before I do that. So if you want all the illustrations, this is the best place to get it.

The characters are:

Coach Samuelson, from Out of Position

Henri, from Green Fairy

Nick Hedley, from Waterways

Penny Smith, from Out of Position (Colin’s wife)

Duke Avery, from Volle

Kesh, from “Bookstore Back Door

Pom and Dom, from Love Match

Bret, from Winter Games

Cristal, from Dude, Where’s My Fox?

Maxon, from Shadow of the Father

Vaxy, from Science Friction

(and there’s one original story in there too)


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