Over Time Hits 1K

At Fuzzwolf’s request, I did a few calculations with his numbers, the e-book ones I have, and numbers Brer helpfully supplied from Sofawolf, and figured out that Over Time has sold about 470 print copies and over 530 e-book copies, meaning that in just two months (about; three if you want to count pre-orders going to the beginning of January), it’s sold a thousand copies.

That’s, um. Remarkable. Thank you guys, everyone who picked up one (or more). I’m always so pleased when a book reaches fans, but it’s also nice to have these countable milestones come up earlier and earlier. I want to hug you all but a thousand hugs would take a long time and I have more books to write.

Oh, and I guess now I have to get to work on a bonus story. So take some virtual hugs instead: *hugs!*

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