Furry Fiesta Panel Schedule

In just over a week I’ll be heading down to Furry Fiesta in Dallas! We’ll be doing the release of the final book in the Dangerous Spirits series, Black Angel, and I’ll be on a number of panels. When I’m not on panels, you can find me in the dealer’s room between FurPlanet’s and Rukis’s tables, and when the dealer’s room is closed I’ll likely be hanging out with people in the lobby or the bar.

Here are the panels I’ll be doing:

Thursday, March 10

9 pm: Black Angel book release. I’ll be doing a reading, and maybe–we have to verify with FurPlanet–you’ll be able to pick up your pre-orders there. We’ll have a Q & A and I’ll hang out, and hopefully Rukis will be there too, as will Fuzzwolf and/or Teiran from FurPlanet. It’ll be fun! You should come!

Friday, March 11

5:30 pm: Building a Cast of Characters. Rukis and I will sit down and talk about how to make the supporting cast of your stories as real as the main characters.

Saturday, March 12

10 am: Write Now! A Short Story Workshop. If you’re working on a short story (like for the short story competition they’re going to be running at TFF), this workshop will help you get started. You’ll have time to actually write, so bring your writing medium of choice.

4:30 pm: Keep on Writing: Staying Motivated. I’ll be sitting with Sasuke and talking about how we keep ourselves motivated to finish our stories.

9:30 pm: Adult Furry Literature. Again with Sasuke, I’ll talk about adult furry literature–why we write it, how we write it, and so on. We’ll answer any other questions you might have as well!

10:30 pm: Knotsheathed. Famous Podcaster Fuzzwolf and I will sit down and talk about whatever comes to mind. Come and see us and suggest topics!

Sunday, March 13

11:30 am: RAWR: Furry Writing Workshop, Year One. Workshop Administrator Chandra and I will talk about the first furry residential writing workshop: how the first year went and what our plans our for the future.

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