Further Confusion Schedule

Four days away! Here’s where I’ll be during Further Confusion 2016. When I am not at these places, I’ll likely be at or around the Sofawolf Press table in the dealer’s den during dealer’s den hours. After that, who knows?

All of these except the Over Time release party are in the Santa Clara room of the Hilton.

Thursday, January 14

‘Over Time’ Release Party (Marriott, Almaden room).¬†Come in your coolest costume and maybe you’ll get a prize! Bring books and get them signed! If you pre-ordered a book for FC, pick it up here! I will do a reading from the book! There will be food and a bar!

Friday, January 15

Telling a New Story. What cool new things can we do with furry fiction?
Write Now! Bring your computer or a notebook and get started on that short story!

Saturday, January 16

Furry Writing Workshop: Year One. This year we held RAWR, the first residential writing workshop for the furry fandom. Come listen to the organizers talk about how it came about, how it went, and what’s in its future.
Adult Furry Fiction [18+]. Knotty knotty! (This is me, Rukis, and Not Tube, so you know it’ll be good.)

Sunday, January 17

Brainstorming in Real Time. I have no idea what this is about but I figure we’ll work it out when we get there.
Unsheathed Live [18+]. K.M., Not Tube, and I reprise our popular intermittent podcast. No manatees.

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