A Christmas Wish

It’s been a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Mostly it’s becauseĀ I’ve been busier than usual, with a new dog and a bunch of deadlines hitting me around the end of the month, so I haven’t had time to settle down and really think about the season. But now the day itself is here, and even though I’m still working (that book won’t proof itself), it finally seems real.

So hey! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, happy solstice, or happy day-off-in-the-middle-of-winter to all of you. Whatever holiday you celebrate, the secular tradition of this time of year is a pretty neat “let’s remember the special people in our lives and be nice to everyone” feeling. I like that we have a holiday about that.

I have a wish for all of you this year. I wish that sometime in 2016, when you really need it, someone will be Christmas-season nice to you, do you a special favor, make you feel joyful, lift your spirits, help you out, whatever you need. I’m lucky enough to have a great support network, but not everyone is, and regardless, at one time or another we all need a little Christmas spirit.

Have a great week, everyone. 2016 is gonna be awesome. :)

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