Retconning Aston’s Jersey

So thanks to a fan on Twitter (@PPC91), my attention was brought to the fact that I’ve listed Aston’s jersey number as #14, while in the illustration in Uncovered, he’s wearing #12. I have investigated the text and found that at one point Lee sees someone wearing #14, which he says is Aston’s jersey, while in the next book Dev says to Strike that Aston’s jersey sales have tailed off because “lots of people already have their number 12.”

So what gives? Well, outside the universe, the simple explanation is that I forgot about it. But what about inside?

When Aston joined the Firebirds as a rookie, he wanted #12, but that jersey was being worn by the Firebirds’ veteran QB, who wasn’t about to hand it over to a rookie who wanted to take his job. So Aston took #14, reluctantly. The next year, though, that QB was let go, and when #12 became available, Aston switched to that jersey number.

THEREFORE there are still some #14 jerseys with Aston’s name on them out there from his rookie season, and they’re worn by die-hard fans, but the current jersey and better seller is #12.

That work for everyone? :D If you’re ordering Aston’s jersey, you can pick either number (nobody has ordered one yet so no need to change).

(Thanks, José!)

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