Firebirds Jerseys On Sale!

If you have read this month’s mailing list entry, you know this already. For everyone else: Finally, after a year and change, I’ve managed to get the Firebirds jerseys on sale. For now they are only the home red jersey, but if you have seen me or a few others around cons with them in the past year, yes, these are the same (we may tweak the gold to be a little brighter in this batch). Because we have to place a large order with the manufacturer (as these are custom), I will be collecting pre-orders until November 10, at which point jersey sales will be over for 2015. It is likely that we will do a batch of them at least once a year (and I will investigate other options with the manufacturer–I would like nothing more than for you to be able to go to a page on their site and order your own jersey from them, but they may not be interested in doing that), and might add variants from year to year.

For now, though, you can get your jerseys in time for the release party for “Over Time” at Further Confusion (and you can save on shipping if you want to pick yours up at FC–select that option when you check out). Be sure to put the number and name you want into the notes when you place your order.┬áNow go get your uniform!

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