Uncovered Audiobook on sale!

…  on Audible now. Narrated by Savrin, it’s thirteen hours of Dev and Lee. If you’ve read it, you know how tense the last third or so is. He nails it.

Two audiobooks remain in process at the moment: Dude, Where’s My Fox? and The Mysterious Affair of Giles. I get periodic progress reports on both, so I feel confident they will appear in due time. :)

Apropros of this, whenever you guys rate/review the audiobooks or e-books or print books, it really helps me out–on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, Goodreads, FurPlanet, wherever. I know you know it, just saying thanks to all you guys who do, and if you have a spare minute or five in your day and really liked a book, you could make an author’s tail wag pretty easily… :)

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