Migrating North (Temporarily)

Thursday (well, Wednesday night) I’ll be heading up to Minnesota for Furry Migration! As I will also be at Sofawolf HQ, you can take this opportunity to get a book signed by me. Anything written or edited by me that you order through Friday, August 28 will get a signature (and personalization if you like) before being shipped out to you. If you can’t get to conventions, this is a great chance to at least get a signed book!

If you can get to conventions–specifically, if you can get to Furry Migration this weekend–then you can see me in person and get a book signed. I’ll be participating in the Match Game on Friday at 4:30 pm on the Main Stage, which promises to be a lot of fun. At 6 pm (or a little later, depending on how late the game goes), I’ll be talking about the Future of Furry. And at 4:30 pm on Saturday, I’ll be holding my Write Now! panel for people who want to get started on a short story but have had trouble doing that. Bring something to write on and with.

Looking forward to seeing all you fine folks in the Twin Cities area, and of course to being mauled by the adorable new Sofawolf puppy. Pics forthcoming.

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