State of the Fox, August 2015

It was POINTED OUT TO ME RECENTLY that this blog has languished for a while without a post, so…what’s the rule? Five things make a post? Let’s do this.

1. I am currently in the midst of four conventions in five weekends. I was at GenCon and then Rocky Mountain FurCon (which was awesome–I had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones); next weekend I’ll be up in Spokane for the Apocalypse–sorry, I mean, Sasquan, also known as WorldCon, also known as “the con where the Hugo Awards are announced.” Everyone is on edge about the awards and how they’ll go, and I admit I’m curious,¬†too. After that I get to go back to Minneapolis/St. Paul for Furry Migration, which I’m excited about because YOU GUYS I’M GOING TO BE ON A FURRY GAME SHOW. They’re doing “Match Game” and invited me to be one of the celebrities. “Match Game” is one of the first game shows I remember watching. It’s cheesy and amazing and I’m super-jazzed about it. Also I’m doing some writing panels and talking about the Future of Furry, and I get to hang out with the newly-married Sofawolf guys and their first legitimate puppy (she is adorable), so it’s gonna be a good weekend even if we don’t get to go to the Minnesota State Fair.

2. Because I’m going to be at Sofawolf HQ, if you order any of my books from them by August 28, they will hold them until I get there and then I will sign them for you! Details here. I know that supplies of the OOP series hardcovers are very limited, so if you want those, act fast!

3. I am currently polishing up the final draft of “Losing My Religion,” the Cupcake (novella) coming out at RainFurrest (available online at; e-book coming in October). The ever-talented BlackTeagan, who illustrated “Dude, Where’s My Fox?” (and is partly responsible for the title) will be doing art again for this one and the sketches I’ve seen promise that the illos and cover will be just as good. Look for previews and more info in September when I’m no longer traveling, but short teaser: It’s the story of a bisexual coyote and ex-Mormon kit fox living with the other two members of their R.E.M. cover band in a van as they tour the country. There’s a good amount of sex in it.

4. Rukis and Kenket and I are talking about the art for “Over Time” and getting that ready to go. If you haven’t heard, we’ll be doing a release party at FC the Thursday night before the convention, and hopefully in the next month or so we will have a page up where you can order Firebirds jerseys to wear to it. Hoping to do a costume contest too, with fursuit and non-fursuit divisions, so get those outfits ready!

5. I’m going to be hosting a writing workshop for aspiring furry writers in the week leading up to FC. Watch this space (and Twitter) for info on pricing and how to apply.

6. Still posting my serial novel over on Patreon. If you haven’t checked it out, give it a look! Rocky, the black-backed jackal teen training to be a professional tennis player, is getting himself in all kinds of situations…

7. The audiobook of “Uncovered” is being uploaded to Audible, so after a quality check, it should be available. “Dude, Where’s My Fox?” and “The Mysterious Affair of Giles” remain in production.

Okay, maybe it has been a while since I posted…

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