Stories Coming Out At AC

Hey, a couple anthologies coming out at AC have stories of mine in them. Both are reprints, but one was in a conbook and the other is almost a decade old, so chances are you haven’t seen them yet! Besides which, I went through and did some editing on them. “Skinned” was in the RainFurrest conbook and will be part of ROAR 6; “Second Circle: Initiation” is an old story that will be included in FANG 6. Both will be available at the FurPlanet table and website, so stop on over and pick them up!

My Cupcake is on track to come out at RainFurrest and you’ll be hearing more about that as the summer progresses. It’ll be the only book out this year, but of course I’ve got those two big releases slated for January and February next year…

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