Divisions Audiobook On Sale!


This is pretty cool for a couple reasons, beyond just “hey, I have another audiobook for sale this month.” Those of you who follow my updates (thank you!) will know the long saga of trying to get this book online. ACX changed their standards for recordings in between Isolation Play and our first attempt to get Divisions up, and this resulted in a frustrating back-and-forth with their QA team that ultimately resulted in poor Savrin having to read the entire book over again (and later, due to a hard drive crash, he had to read part of it for a third time–“I like your writing,” he told me earlier this year, “but I don’t want to read it aloud four times.” I don’t blame him.). Our second try (really more like third or fourth because we tried twice with the first recording), months later, also resulted in the recording being rejected. Finally we consulted our audio expert, B-Hop, who had fortunately helped someone else get a recording out to ACX just recently and so was familiar with their standards.

And so not only do we have a new audiobook up for your listening pleasure, but Savrin can get started on Uncovered now with a lot more confidence.

As always, your reviews and ratings are much appreciated! Thanks for your patience, and I hope you’ll enjoy Divisions.

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