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tl;dr: http://www.audible.com/pd/Teens/Waterways-Audiobook/B00UIBVYPG/

It was sometime in 2011, around February if I recall, that a friend of mine offered to record Waterways. He wanted to try out podcast/story narration and was going to have a chunk of time during which he would be able to record things. I had no plans for audiobooks at the time nor any means to distribute them, so I said sure, figuring that once we had the recording we could figure out what to do with it, and if nothing happened then I wasn’t losing anything.

Nothing did happen (you know this already); time and energy always show up in smaller quantities than we suspect. Didn’t matter; we’re still friends (no hard feelings if you’re reading this, honestly).

Sometime in 2012 or thereabouts, Amazon and Audible launched ACX, a platform that paired authors with narrators. I asked my friend if he’d mind if I took the book to ACX and he said no, he was sorry he hadn’t done anything on it and I should go ahead. So I found a narrator who’d done erotica and had a good voice, contacted him, asked if he was interested, and he said he was. I sent him the book and we were off and running.

Only deadlines kept slipping. I’d wait for weeks past the deadline and then e-mail him, and days later I would get a note back. His regular job was very busy. His computer had crashed and he’d lost the manuscript (this happened twice). Finally, early in 2013, I sent him a note and said that if he wasn’t going to do it, no worries, I understand life gets busy, but he should tell me so I could find another narrator. He wrote back and said this would be best.

In the meantime, Savrin’s recordings of Out of Position and Isolation Play were moving along, doing well. I recorded Bridges and posted that, and I’d found a narrator to do Green Fairy who was talented and professional. So partly because I had other projects to do and partly because I was just tired of throwing Waterways at people, I let it sit until about June.

Then Kit urged me to try again, and I found a narrator who’d done work for one of my friends. I contacted him and asked if he had any interest in Waterways, and he replied enthusiastically. We got the contracts done and were under way again.

And again, long periods of silence. From what Rob’s told me, he moved several times, lost his studio space, and suffered numerous other personal disruptions. When he did contact me, though, he promised me earnestly that he would finish it (I believe he stopped just short of saying, “If it kills me”).

Finally, in January of this year, I got the word that the book was done. I downloaded the audio files and listened to them, and I have to say that Rob sounds great. Since finishing the book, he has turned around changes literally in hours. I sent him back a bunch of editing feedback; a new version was ready the next day. We submitted to ACX and they came back with technical issues; Rob fixed them in hours.

And now, finally, four years after I first thought of Waterways being an audiobook, it is one. You can see it right here. You can listen to a sample or buy it. As always, if you get a new Audible membership and mine is one of the first books you get, Rob and I share a bonus. But what I would love for you to do, even if you’re already an Audible member, is leave a review. Leaving a review helps the rest of the world find this book and gives first-time readers or listeners confidence that they’re getting a good story read well.

I know a lot of you love Waterways, and it will be hard for anyone to do justice to the voices you’ve given to Kory and Samaki, but I think Rob did a terrific job. I hope you like it. I think it’s worth the wait.

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