Further Confusion Approaching!

Hey! If you weren’t aware somehow, Further Confusion will be here in just over a week (!!). I will be at the Sofawolf table for a good chunk of it, so come by and say hi and I will be happy to sign books or whatever. It looks like the best day will be Friday, or Saturday afternoon. Sunday I am in panels pretty much all day, as you will see…

Fri. 10-11:30 pm. Adult Furry Fiction. This panel is always a hoot, and I’ll be joined by K.M. Hirosaki and Not Tube, so you know it’ll be fun.

Sat. 11-12:30. Historical Furry Fiction. I’ve done a bunch of historical work, between the Dangerous Spirits series and Camouflage, so here you can hear me with Huskyteer and Watts Martin, two other wonderful authors, as we talk about our process.

Sat. 6-7:30 pm. Beyond the Furry Horizon – selling work outside the fandom. If you’re interested in that.

Sun. 9-10:30 am. Sofawolf Presents – readings from three upcoming books. I will be reading from Black Angel, and you can hear excerpts from Ryan Campbell’s upcoming “Forest Gods,” as well as Michael Payne’s “Rat’s Reputation.” If you’re interested, please do try to show up. I know it’s early, but we want to have a good audience there.

Sun. 1-2:30, 3-4:30. Writing Workshop – reading and critiquing four stories with the authors. The stories have been selected and the authors notified. The audience won’t be participating in the critique, but if you would like to sit and watch how a critique session happens, please do.

Sun. 5-6:30. Write Now! – start a short story. Bring something to write with and on, and Franklin Leo, Jakebe, and I will help you get your short story started.

Sun. 9:30-11. Unsheathed Live! – Live podcast. At the very TAIL end of the convention, so there should be some good convention stories. K.M. Hirosaki and Not Tube will again be joining me for fun times!


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