Bonus Story Coming Up!

Well, when I sat down to work out the milestones for the Patreon with Rukis and Kenket, I figured a lot of them were pie-in-the-sky–like basically most of them after the first one. But you guys have now supported us enough that I will have to write a bonus story! (This of course hinges on the actual pledges being processed next month, but I have confidence in the honor of my fans. ^^).

So if you’re a $40 or more subscriber, there’ll be a chat next week to talk about where I should actually visit to write about this story…among other things. And if you’re at the $20 or more level, next month there’ll be a stream to watch Rukis work on her pic! And if you’re at the $10 or more level, there will be art. I posted today some sketches that Kenket did, which are pretty lovely. Great expressions.

Thank you all for being so supportive! I’m really excited to write something new for everyone. :)

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