Patreon is live!

I’ve activated my Patreon page and you can now go and see a preview of the story as well as sign up to follow the novel as it goes along. I’m really excited to get going with it and I hope you guys will be too! In the days coming up I will be posting sketches and a blog for patrons, and starting in December I will kick off the novel, tentatively titled “Love Match.”

I know, I know. But it’s a tennis book. What did you expect? Anyway,┬ádepending on how much support we get, you may also get artwork from the amazing Rukis and Kenket, and I might write bonus stories just for patrons set in other worlds of mine…so you might get a Dev and Lee story, or a League of Canids story, or a Sol and Alexei story, or maybe even a Kory and Samaki story…

*wag* Thanks in advance for checking it out, guys!

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