Patreon Coming Soon!

Hey, I announced this in my newsletter and on FA, but just to catch you guys up: I’m putting together a Patreon page where people who want to support me can toss in money while I post the first draft of a novel much as I did with “Camouflage.” The differences: your funding will help support extra art and extra stories during the time I’m writing (if those levels are met), and in return you’ll get to sit in on chats with me, artist streams, and for some levels you will get the chance to have a character named in the novel or a story, and to vote on what world the extra stories (should they occur) will be in. Also, since the novel is about tennis, I’m hoping to have chats happen during some major tennis finals.

I’m putting together the last of the publicity materials for the page this week and next, but I thought I’d tell you a little about the novel. It’s about a black-backed jackal who comes to the US at the age of 14 to study tennis. He meets a cheetah who, a couple years later, becomes his first boyfriend; and he meets an uppity older cross fox who becomes his chief rival. In the meantime, he’ll be figuring out how to be friends with people you’re facing on the tennis court, how to live with his mother as his new friends give him lots of ideas about what it means to grow up, and (perhaps most importantly) how to be himself and still win tennis matches. There’s romance, sports, drama, and when the kids hit eighteen, there’ll be sex. If you liked “Waterways” and “Out of Position,” you’ll probably enjoy this story too, and I hope you’ll come to love Rocky the jackal. :)

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