But what about Black Angel?

So yeah, if you missed the tweet, the book is done, a word which here means “the first draft has been written and nobody is allowed to look at it until I have done a revision.” Meg is the central character, the book is 136,000 words long (GF and RD both ended up right around 100K), and while I know I have a lot of work to do in the middle, I am pretty happy with it overall.

Here are answers to some questions I know you have:

Are Alexei and Sol in it? Yes.

Is Alexei still with Mike? Well, Mike is also in it. I’ll just say that.

Is Niki in it? Yes.

You mean actually Niki, or just the painting? Yes.

Does it include another story that takes place in another time? Yes.

When can I buy it? Well, that depends on how the revisions go and on Rukis’s schedule for the art. Earliest would be Anthrocon, but I think it’s more likely RainFurrest 2015, or possibly Rocky Mountain Fur Con if Rukis wants to be at the launch as well.

Oh, I was just going to ask if Rukis is doing the art again. Unless she reads it and hates the story, or breaks both her hands, or gets a better offer.

The last two books have gone to Paris and Russia (Forester versions). Where does this one go? I am just going to say that I did a lot of research into voudon (that’s the pretentiously correct way to say “voodoo” if you mean the actual religion and not the public perception of it) for this book.

When will the e-book be out? The month following the print release. Keep an eye on kyellgold.com/pubdates.html, which is right now sadly devoid of any upcoming books! I know, I’m working to fix that. There should be at least two next year: this one and a Cupcake, but I have like three candidates for a Cupcake and none of them are done, so I dunno when that’ll happen. Maybe at whichever of RMFC/RF this book doesn’t come out at. As always, subscribe to my once-a-month newsletter and you don’t have to worry about missing a blog post or tweet anymore!

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