Football And Societal Awareness

Because this is slightly too long for Twitter: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football talked about the Ray Rice incident briefly and quoted the Steelers owner as saying something like, “If anything positive comes out of this, it will be a greater societal awareness of domestic violence issues.” They then went on to agree, saying that the NFL has to raise awareness of domestic violence issues and has to “be a leader” in that field.

They have it completely backwards. It is society that has raised awareness of domestic violence problems within the NFL office ranks. The NFL wasn’t going to do a thing about it until the public outcry became too loud for them to ignore. Really, the only place the NFL needs to raise awareness of domestic violence issues is within the NFL*.

(*)Collinsworth also said the NFL would have to be a leader within the major sports. Here he appears to be more on the mark; the NFL is the only one of the four major leagues with a specific policy on domestic violence. So hopefully MLB, the NBA, and the NHL are watching closely.

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