I Missed You Guys

I am back from Europe, and by “back” I mean “attending a wedding in Dallas, Texas.” Anyway, I’ve already recapped EuroFurence and not much has happened since then. I saw that Michael Sam was cut and that most people realize that it was for football reasons, so nobody is making a big deal about it. Here’s hoping he catches on with another team somewhere–I have to think that someone with his reported work ethic will find a place to play, in the CFL (Peter King reported that Montreal had their eye on him) if not the NFL.

While I was in Europe, the comic I did with Keovi for Erika Moen’s “Oh Joy Sex Toy” site got picked up by Upworthy and then the Huffington Post, so that was cool. All that comic-related stuff seems to hit when I’m out of the country; I was in India when the comic was released. Thanks to everyone who tweeted and mailed about it (I got an adorable e-mail from a mom who wanted to know how to support her fifteen-year-old furry son, and you guys all tweeted helpful responses which she appreciated). As of yet, no six-figure offers to turn it into a screenplay have materialized, but Kio, Erika, Matt, and I are keeping fingers crossed.

Football season is nearly upon us! *wag*

And I am, of course, writing. “Black Angel” is about halfway done; hope to finish up by the end of September. I have a couple con-related story projects to do this fall, and hopefully in the next month or so I will be announcing a story-related project that you can participate in! (If you are guessing that it is Patreon-related, you are very astute. Have a chocolate.) Also Kit and I are going to buckle down and seriously figure out this Firebirds jersey thing, so keep an eye out for that.

As always, if you want to make sure to be up to date on the latest news about stories, read exclusive excerpts of upcoming work, and get monthly writing tips, you can sign up for my Google Groups newsletter. Once a month, no spam, just fox.

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