Eurofurence Quick Recap

Kit and I haven’t been to Eurofurence in six years, but we’d heard that it remained as good as we remembered it. We are delighted to report that two thousand attendees and a new hotel did nothing to dampen the joy and enthusiasm of this convention.

I’ve already blogged about the shows, but I will say that Sardyuon’s performance was fantastic in person and the fox was a lovely, congenial presence around the con. Same goes for Fox Amoore, who transported an audience with a full play-through of his album “Come Find Me.” (Disclaimer: Fox is a friend and I wrote some liner notes for the album. It’s still terrific.) And the Pawpet Show was, as always, a fantastic spectacle, even if it started a couple hours late.

I did a lot of panels for people and enjoyed them all. Brer and Ursula and I sat and told some “Tales From The Road,” which we had trouble ending on time because “that reminds me of one more thing!” I did a couple readings and talked publishing with Brer and then he and I ran a writing workshop that went very well. This was something I’d created just for EF and I think I will have to bring it to other cons now.

I signed some books and had many fun and interesting talks with people I’d just met. I caught up with friends and had lots of time to relax, and EF even did me the honor of incorporating me into their theme for the year. More about that in my newsletter, I think. ;)

After the con, Kit and I took a boat ride around Berlin, which was beautiful, and explored the city with a few post-con stragglers: Brer and Alo of Sofawolf and Lucky and Skuff Coyotes. We had a nice walk and saw a little bit of history: a nice way to close down the con.

Eurofurence has a great social vibe, and the new hotel has a big lobby perfect for gathering. It was full of furries and fursuits most of the time (EF had something like 900 suits in their parade/photo) and always felt fun, relaxed, and comfortable. As Ferris Bueller once said, if you have the means, I highly recommend it.

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