That’s Us In The Spotlight

I don’t often get to see stage shows at furry cons. Between working dealer tables and doing panels, it’s often impossible to get free for enough time. So it was really a pleasure at EF to be able to see Sardyuon’s performance, Fox Amoore’s concert, and the Pawpet Show. The EF staff very kindly reserved spots for the GOHs, which I think they thought of as just sparing us the queue and ensuring good seats. That would be enough of a benefit, really, but it meant much more to me. All the shows were wonderful and I had a terrific time, and it got me thinking about one of the best parts of the fandom.
We talk often about how we create our own content, how the fandom is all our creativity, not based (mostly) on other canonical works. The corollary to that is that the people who create and perform the things we love–they’re all furries too. Sardyuon was dancing at many parties here; Fox Amoore hung out at the bar before and after his show just talking to fans; the creators and performers of the Pawpet Show are in large part the staff of EF and other attendees. You can meet any one of them during the con (though a couple of the staff members are scarce and others you would only meet if you were in trouble).
There’s a similar *sort* of atmosphere at WorldCon, but although the authors walk around with the fans, the really big celebrities stay mostly apart. If George R.R. Martin walks through a con space, he quickly gets mobbed. And the creations are mostly literary. The path to stardom is just through writing. If you can’t write but like to read, you will always be a fan.
At furry cons, anything you can do to entertain might draw a crowd. Most everyone in fursuit is a performer on some level. You might be able to organize projects and run conventions (and con staffs deserve a lot of love–give one a paw-shake or hug and a thank you at the next con you attend). You might make music or tell stories. Uncle Kage and I started attending conventions around the same time. He told stories in the lobby of the hotel when he could find space, to crowds of a dozen. Now he fills auditoriums.
The point, as always, is that our fandom is awesome. The people we have and the talent that exists and that is coming up through the fandom is amazing. And the best part is that we all get to do the thing we love.
So whatever you want to do, keep doing it: art, writing, storytelling, comedy, fursuiting, dance, music, gadgetry, con-running, clothing making, brewing, cooking…and one day hopefully I’ll get to come to a con and congratulate you on your success. :)

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