Uncovered E-book On Sale! (longer post)

In case you don’t have a Twitter or happened not to be looking between midnight and midnight-thirty Central Time last night, or this morning around 7 am Pacific time, you might have missed that the Uncovered e-book is on sale at baddogbooks.com! The link is -> http://baddogbooks.com/?product=uncovered-dev-lee-book-4 <- here and it has both the epub and Kindle (MOBI) versions for your enjoyment. Per what is becoming my usual policy, the book will be only on BDB for the first month of its release before it goes to all the other stores. This is because BDB is a cool store and I want to encourage people to buy from them, and also (full disclosure) they offered me an incentive to have the exclusive time. The people who run it are good folk and furry folk, so if you buy from them, your money is largely staying in the fandom (less the amount that goes to payment processors, which can someone get on starting a furry bank already? thanks guys). Anyway, if you ONLY have Amazon gift cards or iTunes credit or whatever, the book will be there September 1. If you need help getting your MOBI file to your Kindle, check with your Kindle tech support.

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