Coyotl Award Nominations

Hey, I promised more on this and here it is! The C(accented o)yotl Awards are back and holding a retroactive award for 2012. I have a book thing nominated: “Silver Circle,” my werewolf book, is on the slate for Best Novel. Here is where you can go vote if you are a FWG member:

The Coyotls, if you’re not familiar with them, are intended to be the Nebula to the Ursa Major’s Hugo award. They are only open to the Furry Writers Guild members, but anyone may nominate any work and the awards are given by popular vote of the membership.

The deadline for voting–and for nominating for 2013, in case you’re inclined to nominate “Divisions” or “Sibling Rivalry” (from “What Happens Next”) or one of your favorite works not by me, like the wonderful “God of Clay”–is August 8th. Whoever you vote for, get the vote out!

Note that while I have declined to participate further in the Ursa Major Awards, the Coyotls have only been around for a year, technically (though that year was two years ago), so I’m pleased to accept these nominations. I won one of the inaugural Coyotls for “Science Friction,” though I must also admit that there were no other nominees for “Best Mature Novella.”

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