Summer Schedule

With AnthroCon in the rear view mirror, here’s where you can catch up to me later this summer:

San Diego Comic-Con. I’ll be at the Sofawolf booth again, #1236 on the dealer floor in the Webcomics section. We don’t usually get a lot of furries there since the con got super-crowded and started selling out tickets in fifteen minutes, but if you scored a ticket, come by and say hi!

No RMFC. Sorry. We hate to miss it, new hotel and all, but we’re leaving the day after it ends for…

LonCon 3 (WorldCon). We’ll be in London in mid-August for SF’s biggest con. There will be some furry events there and I’ll be doing a couple other panels as well. If you’re in the London area please swing by the furry stuff! If you can’t make it to the con, I might be hanging out outside the con a bit if people wanted to meet one night. Then we’ll be leaving from London, taking a short vacation in France, and going right on to…

EuroFurence. I’ve had the very great honor of being invited to be a Guest at EF 20 in Berlin, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going to be signing books, giving panels, and generally hanging out and chilling the rest of the time. It’s been six years since Kit and I made it to EF and we can’t wait to see many of our friends again and meet new ones!

September will bring Furry Migration in Minnesota and RainFurrest in Seattle, so make your plans for those if you haven’t already. They are both shaping up to be really fun weekends!

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