Firebirds Jerseys!

You guys have already probably seen pics or heard about the awesome jerseys that Chandra (@AlkaniServal) made. He contacted me last year asking if he could use the Firebirds logo and designs, and Blotch gave their consent, so I said it would be fine. We corresponded a bit; he asked me for a complete list of players and numbers, which I have, and then he went off and made some jerseys. Well, this AC was the first time I got to see them, and they look fantastic. He was nice enough to make a couple for myself and Kit, and here is Kit modeling his:

QB Kit Silver

QB Kit Silver

Anyway, we are very excited about these, and once our July/August of travel are done, we are going to figure out a way to let you guys order jerseys. Probably the cost will be in the $120 range depending on size, but these jerseys are slick. Right now I think we will offer the standard players/numbers from the books but also allow you to customize with your own name and number (or some hybird, like Charm wouldn’t have “Charm” on his jersey but you could get one that does).

So save up your money and keep your ears perked! Hopefully around September/October you will hear more. And thanks again to Chandra for doing such a wonderful job and for providing us with all the details of his order!

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