In one week, you can…

…be picking up your signed copy of “Uncovered” (the fourth Dev and Lee book) at AnthroCon, where I will be at the Sofawolf booth signing them and other things. If you’ve already pre-ordered, thank you! Your book(s) will be waiting. If you have not, then you should probably get to the booth Friday morning–not that I think the books will sell out, but, uh, they have in the past, especially the hardcovers.

If you aren’t going to AC, you can still place an order for a signed copy:

I’m looking forward to seeing all you guys at AnthroCon! I’ll post my schedule later, but the important thing is that basically Friday night from 7 to midnight you guys are going to be in the writing panel room for Rukis’s Off The Beaten Path reading (which I’m participating in), my Uncovered reading, an hour break, and then our Adult Fiction panel, which is always a good time.

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