Divisions Audiobook Update

Catching up on all my news as I get back from the workshop…

I had posted about the Divisions audiobook being complete and under review, and then there were a lot of delays that I didn’t really talk about. I didn’t want to start getting mired down in “now it’s here” updates as the process got more complicated, but now we’ve finally gotten to a stable point and so, with Savrin’s ok, I figured it was time to update people.

What happened was that ACX rejected the first recording because of “rustling noises” (they wouldn’t specify where) and “improper gating” on the recording. Odd, because we’d submitted two books that passed their QC check already and Savrin said this one sounded better than those. But he went back and tried to clear the background noises and reprocess the files.

The problem was that every pass made the audio sound more heavily processed, and there was no way to recover the original recordings (please do not post technical advice to me as I have nothing to do with that aspect of the recording). So about a month ago, five months after the original e-mail from ACX, we reached the unhappy conclusion that the entire book would have to be re-recorded.

That’s what Savrin’s doing right now. The good news is that he’s been able to upgrade his recording space to a more professional-sounding environment and we should be able to pass the QC without issue this time. The bad news is, well, six months after we thought this was finished, he has to start over.

So thanks for your understanding with this delay. Hopefully moving forward, we won’t have these issues.

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