Back to the Real World

The workshop is wrapping up here and I have a head buzzing with the ideas I’m going to have to write down for “Black Angel,” as well as “The Tower and the Fox,” which I wasn’t completely happy with the most recent draft of and when we started talking about novel structure, I realized, “it’s because the STRUCTURE is wonky,” and by “wonky” I mean “flat.” So anyway, sometime in the next few months when I’m not traveling I will be ready to start writing “Black Angel,” and sometime in the next few weeks I will sit down and start seriously working on “The Tower and the Fox” (which is book one of the Calatians, yo), which by this point when it finally appears you guys are going to be like “you spent four years working on THIS?” but hey, it’s not ready yet. Sorry. What can I tell you?

I’ve also met a bunch of very cool people to discuss novels with in the future, and the more little groups like that you have, the better. The furry novel went over just fine (there was another furry writer in the group too) and our workshop leader thinks that the mainstream would be potentially ready to accept one. I’m going to keep writing better books and hope that’ll happen.

In the meantime, I’m still here in Kansas. Tomorrow I head back to Kansas City, which is to say, Missouri, and Monday I fly home and get back to my wolf. And about damn time.

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