BayCon Appearance

So at the last minute, it appears I will be at BayCon tomorrow in the dealer’s room, helping Sofawolf support awesome GOH Ursula Vernon with her Hugo-winning comic “Digger” and her sketchbook and novels, and also selling Room Party The Game. But hey, since I’ll be there, I’ll probably bring a few of my own books as well. If you’re planning on stopping by and want something particularly, comment or drop me an e-mail and I’ll try to make sure I bring it. If you just want to chat about Red Devil or Giles or OOP, I’ll be there for that as well.

Don’t know whether I’ll be around Saturday or Sunday–the table is covered those days, and I was just at a convention last weekend and I’m leaving next weekend for Kansas–but Sofawolf and Room Party will be there, and I might show up for a little bit.

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