OOP #5 Milestone

So yeah. I’ve been trying to get OOP #5 done by the end of June(*) and I think the main book is finished as of now. It’s 121,000 words, so pretty standard length for an OOP book, and I have to write the epilogue still, but it’s mostly done.

Wrote it all in under two months. Not too bad.

* “Done” here means “the first draft written.” After my busy summer I will go back to the draft and polish it so it’s fit for my writing group to see, and then I will do another polish run before sending it to Sofawolf for edit/eval. The book is tentatively slated for January 2016, a question I am sure I will answer fifty more times in the next year and a half. :) And I am not going to talk about the title or the plot unless maybe you catch me at AC, Eurofurence, Furry Migration, or RainFurrest…you guys are going to at least one of those, right? RIGHT?

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