Deleted words poetry (OOP4)

I’m doing the final edit pass on OOP4, and this is where little words and unnecessary sentences fall out of the text. I paste them into an “unused” file, and sometimes they fall into kind of a poetic order.

Like so (presented unchanged–the single letter ‘h’ is probably because that word became the beginning of a sentence and so the lowercase ‘h’ was replaced with a capital ‘H’ but the rest of the word remained intact):

Sunday night we’re all sitting around in the bar, and h

and I have questions for him anyway

so I go over to talk to him. He’s

even though he’s not drinking

and let him finish, and

from him

but I seem to be

“Thanks,” I say.

Just would

can’t believe nobody knows this and at the same time i

points at me

at all

a bit

to play an


Fair enough

goes immediately to imagining

and I’d be

a little

, and stare at the screen

that would just be the wrong thing to do after insisting I feel better

it’s too late, and

under their breath

none of whom are

“Just had to tell them who you were?” I say, watching

on the way over

Strike is still talking.

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