Divisions Bonus Story

As longtime readers of this blog and my work will know, whenever I sell a thousand copies of a book in a year, I write a bonus story for that book and post it online for free. So far that has happened for only three books: Out of Position, Isolation Play, and now Divisions.

The story is from Lee’s father’s point of view and is called “Getting To Sleep.” You can read it on either FurAffinity or SoFurry.

It will be included in the hardcover version of “Uncovered,” coming this summer at AnthroCon and thereafter from Sofawolf online later in July, and also with the e-book of “Uncovered” whenever that is released.

As always, thank you guys for your fervent support of Dev and Lee! This story exists because you went out and bought the book, and I am so very grateful to have an audience and fans who are so passionate about the stories I’ve created.

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