Where to find me at FC

My usual con rules apply: if I’m behind the Sofawolf table, I will sign books for you, even if you didn’t buy them there. I will sign e-readers as well, or clothing. At panels, if you catch me just after and I don’t have to run off quickly (Friday after the 1p panel, for example, I probably will not have had lunch and will have half an hour ’til the next panel), I’ll sign books and chat. As with any author/artist, please use discretion when deciding whether to bother me at other times. During meals, probably not. If just chilling in the lobby with people, probably okay. :) And if you really need to give me a hug, ask first.

Note: you can also look up my panels on fc2014.sched.org!


11a-1p: Dealer’s Den (signing)

1p How to Release Stories (with Franklin Leo and Watts Martin) – Small press publishers, self-publishing in print and ebooks, archive sites–what’s the best way to get your work in front of people? And once it’s there, how do you get an audience?

3p Furry vs. the Mainstream (with Jakebe and NotTube) – Is furry fiction science fiction and vice-versa? What would the mainstream gain from paying more (positive) attention to furries, and what would we gain from it?

5-6p: Dealer’s Den (signing)

10:30p Adult Furry Writing (with NotTube and WhyteYote) – You know.


10a-11a: Dealer’s Den (signing)

11a Why a Fox? (with Bradley Cohen and Jakebe) – “Furry” isn’t a genre in and of itself: we have furry sci-fi, fantasy, slice of life, mysteries, even westerns. What do furry characters bring to our stories?

2p Furries and Historical Fiction (with Mel. White and WhyteYote) – Yes, furries aren’t historically accurate, but what happens (and what should be watch out for) when we create alternate histories with them?

4p-6p: Dealer’s Den (signing)

6p Sofawolf Presents – I’ll be reading a bit of “Red Devil.”


11a Grounding Your Fiction (with NotTube and Mel. White) – Sci-fi and fantasy is full of strange worlds, and furry fiction can be just as–if not more–exotic. How do we keep our settings and characters relatable to our readers?

9p Unsheathed Live (with K.M. Hirosaki and NotTube) – Yay!

Sunday afternoon I may end up in a hotel bar watching football with Kit, but I will try to be in the dealer’s den at least the hour before it closes (5-6p) and maybe for a bit in the earlier afternoon as well.

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