Ruminations on Language

This is a medium-length article¬†on language and dialects like LOLcats and Doge and Internet-speak in general (“series of tubes”), but if you go and read the DFW piece(*) and the Grantland piece it links to (they are totally worth it), it will take a lot longer.


* I am somewhat saddened that the footnote in this version about “I want this conversation to be over and you to be out of my apartment” has been redacted from this version of it.

There’s relevance to the furry community, because although we don’t really have our own syntax, we do have furry-specific phrases and words that don’t mean much to non-furs; or which they may have heard but don’t quite know how to use. Yiff, of course (and its relatives yaff and yaff-yaff and yerf), but also fursuit, fursona, “this is my murrsuit,” the ironic usage of bad furry puns (“murrsecution”), not to mention the associations we have with various species (often related to how much they want to have sex and what position they want to be in, which also says something about our fandom, not only what we talk about but how openly we talk about it) as distinct from the associations in cultural literature about those species, and more examples, so anyway, there’s probably more thoughts in there, but if you’re interested in the way we use language and the way other people think about how we use language, it’s worth checking out.

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