Out of the freezer and into the refrigerator

This is a busy week! I am trying to wrap up a couple things that are due for February (“Giles” layouts, “Red Devil” e-books) and on Thursday, I fly to Minnesota. I had seen a pic yesterday of a bank thermometer reading -22, and heard lots of crazy stories from my Great White Northern Crew (frozen spit! frozen socks!), so I went to check the weather for the week…

Thanks for the cheery headlines, weather.com!

Thanks for the cheery headlines, weather.com!

I get in Thursday evening and leave Saturday morning, so yay! I will bring enough California warmth to nudge the temps above freezing, hopefully.

Why am I going? Same reason I went last year. You guys are pre-ordering Red Devil (and other books) and I am going up to sign a bunch of them so that even if you can’t attend FC, you can still get a signed book. That is how much I love you guys! And flying. And huskies. I think even at the relatively balmy 17 degrees overnight, I may need to steal one of the Sofawolf huskies for warmth.

Anyway, yes! Did I mention that if you pre-order Red Devil (today is the last day!) or buy it at FC, you will get your book signed in special “first release” red pen? (Other books will be signed in the usual gold.) Last year I signed about 300 copies of Divisions, and my signing paws did not break. This year? Who knows! Do your worst!

I’m really looking forward to seeing Red Devil in print. I hope you are too! Once I get back from Minnesota, I’ll be watching some football and then everyone descends on our town for FC. I’m doing a bunch of panels–later this week or maybe next, I will let you know when they are. Reserve some time for the return of K.M. Hirosaki to Unsheathed, Sunday night!

Okay, now I have to go out and buy some heavier gloves. And fox-sized earmuffs.

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