Holiday Productivity

Tube and I talked on yesterday’s Livestream Unsheathed about staying productive during the holidays, which focused (as much as we focus on anything) on advice for writers who find the holidays overwhelming and who would like to continue to work during that time. I touched on another aspect of holidays during that discussion and would like to expand on it here for a bit.

In Tube’s case, and I’m sure for most of you reading this, the holidays provide a relief from the day job, a time when he can work on writing for hours a day. I think it’s equally important to enjoy the holidays this time of year. Whatever your religious affiliation, Christmastime has become (for us in the U.S.) a time to relax and appreciate your friends and family. Or in the worst case, take a breath, take stock, get ready for next year.

So yeah, if getting some work done during the holidays is important to you, then by all means set your schedule, make sure you get time to yourself, and so on. But don’t spend the whole holiday working. Even for those of us doing what we love*, we need to stop and enjoy Christmas sometime.

* The old adage “Nobody ever lay on his/her deathbed wishing to have spent more time at the office” does not, I think, apply to writers, because I know for sure looking back that I could have written another few stories or a novel if I’d found time SOMEWHERE.

So hey, if this is the last time you’re reading the blog before heading home for the holidays, or if you’re just taking a break, have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. Get some writing done and then deck some halls.

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