Fourth OOP Book, Statistics

(Yes, there is a fourth OOP book, and a fifth. I have a mailing list, comes out only once a month, where I update all my projects and write up excerpts and writing tips and so on. If you didn’t know this book existed and would like to know when things are coming out, please do join! It’s free!)

So from my notes, the first draft of this was 145,000 words or so (Divisions is 142,ooo in its final form, Isolation Play around 163,500, OOP a svelte 136,000). My “deleted from the manuscript” document is 15,500 words and the file for OOP4 is now 162,000 words, making it just over a thousand words shorter than Isolation Play. Of course, there are months to go before it’s final, and things might be chopped out/inserted, but I am pretty happy with the flow of the book now, so that seems unlikely.

(The most recent editing pass resulted in 1,500 words cut out and 4,500 added, so it was really the first editing pass that cut 14,000 words and then added 28,000.)

I still find myself getting caught up in the last third of it as it goes on, and I’ve improved the early parts. It is very much “Divisions, Continued,” although that’s not the title (I will likely leak the title to the mailing list first). Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Now I can get down to first-drafting OOP5, which I’ve already pretty closely outlined. Hope that won’t take long. I am in some ways reluctant to do it because it is the end of this arc for Dev and Lee, but I have ideas for further stories, so I don’t have to abandon my favorite fox and tiger forever (and neither do you!).

So that’s what I’ve been doing with my December–well, that and writing a 6,000 (to date) word story about a minor character to try to get a better handle on their motivation. You guys will see OOP4 this summer, but in the meantime I have Red Devil and The Mysterious Affair of Giles coming out in the next two months (and I have to get to work on Giles as well).


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