Furry vs. Gay

While I was writing “Volle,” I wanted to show people that you could have a novel that included sex scenes and a good story that made use of those scenes. But my only experience with adult fiction was short stories in which, y’know, there’s a certain pacing. How much sex was right for a novel? Weeeeell… I started out with implied sex, to let people know that this is that kind of book and to show the kind of character Volle was. And then I sort of sprinkled sex in liberally over the book, and although I maintain that all the sex scenes are in the flow of the story, I will also say that having Volle introduced to a brothel partway through the first section opened the story up for more sex scenes than if I’d introduced him to, say, a church.

The point being, I was playing around with pacing and sex scenes. Many people told me that by the latter half of the book, they skimmed the sex impatiently to get back to the plot, which I thought was pretty cool. So okay. Less sex.

Out of Position grew out of three short stories, which form the beginning of that novel, and short stories, as I have said, have their own pacing. So the novel is front-loaded with sex. The second half of OOP and the next three books, so far, have much less sex. I think OOP2-4 have like two explicit scenes and maybe a couple implicit ones per book. Of course, in OOP4 there’s less sex because of the injury, but–oh, wait, you haven’t read that one yet.

Anyway. In general, my furry fans have been much more vocal about wanting story over sex (although someone did comment that “Camouflage” is “good but lacking in gay sex,” to which I can only say “be careful what you wish for”). So it was interesting going to Bent-Con last week and encountering a mostly non-furry gay crowd.

People there were gratifyingly enthusiastic about OOP, but their focus was more on the sex. Apparently while I wasn’t there, one person asked if IP had as much sex and when told “no,” opted to buy “Volle” instead. So okay, it’s a different audience, and that’s great. People like what they like, and whatever level my books appeal on, I’m happy about.

You know, my novels have been getting less sexual, from “Shadow of the Father” (two scenes, a mostly non-sexual story) to “Green Fairy” (no sex; the entire “Dangerous Spirits” series will be no more than R-rated and “Red Devil” isn’t even that). People don’t seem to mind, and it does open them up to a slightly broader audience (I believe that the subset of people who are open to a gay story but absolutely will not pick up a book with explicit sex is small but worth writing for).

But I am not abandoning sex! OOP will of course remain sexual. My Cupcake series in general has been a place for experimentation. “Bridges” is a series of short porny stories with heart behind them; “Science Friction” caused Fred Patten to write that he had difficulty finding a PG excerpt for his review. “Winter Games” is less so, and “The Mysterious Affair of Giles” is non-sexual, but the Cupcake after that (written immediately after I finished “Giles” and possibly in a reaction to it) is full of a gay wolf doing gay wolf things with other gay people. FFS, it starts with him waking up naked at a party trying to remember whom he just had sex with (like you do). So yeah, there will be sexytime stories for those of you who like them, and in the meantime the novels will do what they do. Both the OOP and “Dangerous Spirits” series will wrap up in the next couple years, and after that, who knows? I have a gay romancey tennis book that will have some sex in it, and a fantasy book that doesn’t, and the Calatians novels that mostly don’t (it’s implied in some parts).

It’s cool to know there are people who really like the sex as well as the story. I used to worry that they got in each other’s way, and now I just look at it like this: I’m writing books that appeal to a bunch of different people for different reasons. So that’s pretty cool.

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8 Responses to Furry vs. Gay

  1. When I went to my second furry con [Califur] Rabbit Valley was there selling comics and a variety of novels. When I saw your piece “Green Fairy”, I was curious and decided to buy it as well as a few comics. I have to say, honestly, it was the highlight purchase of that year [besides a Dark Natasha piece, but that’s different]. I read it and was so enthralled that I had to shove it to my other furry friend. He’s usually a very sexual guy, but he was absorbed in your story. He kept wanting spoilers from me and I turned him down each time. By the time he was done, he was so amazed.

    I just want to say thank you for writing, and I will definitely purchase more from you.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks much! I’m really glad to hear it. There’s definitely a market for both the sexual and non-sexual out there.

  2. Tiberius says:

    Volle was essentially my introduction into the furry fandom and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was great but the sex scenes made it *very* fun to read and got me attached to Xiller. As I read through the rest of the Argaea and OOP series, however, I found myself enjoying the stories themselves more, rather than mainly the sex as I had with Volle.

    So, I think it’s crucial to have great stories first (like BlueManedWolf’s friend, I was completely enthralled in “Green Fairy” :) ) and then add the sex according to your audience, which you do quite well.

    Oh, thanks for that little tidbit about OOP4. As if any of your readers could more eagerly await it…. ;)

  3. Crimsonred says:

    I know that I, personally, don’t read OOP for the sex. Mostly because I’m a football nut and all I care about are the plays, and how he’s making them. The backstory of Dev and Lee gives the staging for the player, and you really have a knack for making the reader care about your characters. For me, I just kind of glide through the sex parts now to get to the meat of things, and that works for me.

    On the other hand, Waterways could have used a touch more sex. Maybe someone’s virginity getting taken. It’s all on perspective and the feel of each story, write whatever you damn well please, and there will be someone who takes it for a spin.

  4. Nicthalon says:

    I was introduced to your writing through Volle, and I started reading it for the sex. But, I kept reading the series for the story. I never skimmed the sex, and I kept wondering when the sex would happen in Green Fairy, but I was never disappointed in any of your books or stories.

  5. Daemon Inu says:

    Hello. I was at your table at RF 2013 and I got all three books (thus far) of the OOP series. Honestly, I didn’t know who you were until you offered to sign all of them for me. I was only going to go for one book as it was going to be my first furry novel experience and wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. I admit, your sex scenes are indeed hot. That may be because some of the scenes speak to my “playful” nature. Like Dev and Lees fiasco in the tiger’s brother’s room. Lee was being a bit vindictive, but that’s what made that scene very cute and playful if not torturous. And those little tickle tease moments just get me <3

    Although the sex scenes are enjoyable, I would say if you had not implemented such an awesome story and it was all about sex I don't think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much. When I get a book, I want to be taken to a different world, another reality or another's life. Not the repetitive orgasmic writhing of two (or more) bodies where we all know how it ends. It's a great feeling to be sure but when I get a book, I'd rather have a story that messes with my emotions. One that makes me sad for a character and happy for a character. Feeling despair when the characters' in despair. Feeling content in their victories.

    One of the features I like about OOP is that you've given genuine characters people can relate with and a solid story the really conveys emotion. You can feel the hardships and pain the characters go through. The happiness and fears they experience, and those tender moments that just make the world temporarily fade away.

    My favorite scene from "Out of Position." (warning, little spoiler)
    When Dev and Lee go out for a dinner date. Dev wanted to dine in, but Lee convinced him to a restaurant thinking the tiger was trying to avoid public because of their situation. When Lee accuses of him of this during a little spat (thus hurting the tiger) and Dev confesses the reason on why he wanted to dine in, it was just so heart warming. Gave a nice little tug to my heart strings. ^_^

    I'm glad you convinced me to get all three of the books. I had a rule to make the books last where I'd give a week break between books, but I would delve into the next book upon finishing the previous. Could not put the books down. Your story was just so interesting I had to keep on turning those pages.

    Upon finding your site, I'm happy to find that you've got quite a collection of books and you can be sure that i'll be checking out other stories from you.Looking forward to the release of OOP4, even if a bit anxiously. ^_^
    Keep up the good work.

    -Daemon Inu-

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks much! Really glad you’ve been enjoying the books. :) I appreciate hearing what parts you like, too–the dinner in OOP is one of my favorite bits as well.

  6. Skiffer says:

    Absolutely love the OOP series! It has gotten me into reading, which I did not think was possible before :P . I won’t lie though, the more I read the less interested I find myself being in the sex scenes (I mostly just wanna know what happens next!) But, I have noticed those have toned down a bit, which is fine by me :) I love the story, I feel like me and my bf can relate to it on many levels. And I’m thrilled to know that it will be continuing after Divisions! Keep it up, you are awesome!