Rainbow Awards Birthday Party

The Rainbow Awards, celebrating gay romance, are also celebrating their fifth birthday (you might recall who won the first Rainbow Awards in 2009) and the seventh birthday of Elisa Rolle’s blog. As part of the celebration, Elisa is posting every day with excerpts from some gay romance novels, and if you can guess which novel the excerpt is from, you win the novel. There are some neat excerpts to read, and a few of my books might be offered as prizes, so check in on her blog and maybe you can snag yourself a nifty romance.

I’m reading for the “Gay Paranormal Romance” category as a judge this year, and I will definitely have a couple titles to recommend when the awards are done, if you guys would like to check out some fun gay romance books outside the furry sphere (but some are shifter romances, so there’s a furry spin to them, and another one is related to my books in another way…). Anyway, Elisa’s having fun with the competition. Check it out!

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