Listen to me! Read Bridges, I mean.

The first audiobook I recorded, way back in February, is now available for sale! I spent a day up in the Sound Cage (now sadly decommissioned) and powered through the entire story of Amir, Fin, Hayward, Carmila, and Kinzi in a day. And now you can hear me struggle to give the characters distinct voices (something I hope to get better at) while reading the words the way I’d intended them to be read (I did manage that). B-Hop was a great director and he put in a ton of work on the post-production, so if I sound good, it’s probably his fault.

Anyway, here! Behold the grandeur!

I may continue to try to record the Cupcakes myself as they are small and manageable and do not require me to spend hours scraping my throat raw in a studio. Although for “The Mysterious Affair of Giles” I really want to get a woman with a great British accent to read it. :)

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