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This weekend is going to be pretty cool: I’m going on an author retreat hosted by Circlet Press, which I got invited to because I sold them a story a couple years back. I met their editor-in-chief at WorldCon last year and we had some good chats; she remembered my story, which was really flattering, and I am really impressed by what she’s done. If you’re not familiar with Circlet, they are a F&SF erotica press founded twenty years ago because nobody then was publishing F&SF erotica. They do a lot of cool stuff and I’m looking forward to spending a couple days with some of their other authors.

Right now I am working on the edits to “Red Devil” with the hope that I can get those out of the way before RainFurrest. This week has been busy on a lot of other things, but next week looks (fingers crossed) relatively free. If I can finish up the edits, the book should be good for FC release (yay!).

(By the way, I might have four books coming out next year again, you guys. Just a heads-up.)

And RainFurrest is coming up! If you’re going, you should arrive Thursday afternoon so that you can attend my reading. I might read from the above-mentioned “Red Devil,” or maybe I’ll read from an upcoming Cupcake–or maybe both. I’ll also be on a few other panels, like an Unsheathed podcast Saturday night (sadly without my co-host, but I’ll have some other guests to talk to so it’s not just me yapping). When I’m not at panels, I’ll be at the Sofawolf table Friday through Sunday.

And beyond: I have registered for Bent-Con in L.A., November 8-10, so if you’re in the SoCal area and want to check out a big gay convention, come on by! We will be trying to show off the gay side of furry (which is a pretty big one and one that I’m heavily involved in, so, y’know, perfect for me).

After that hopefully I will be done with conventions for the year. I’m giving MFF a miss this year again just because I am still paying off debt from all the traveling over the summer and I am planning to be doing a lot of work this fall on OOP4 and 5.

So that’s what’s up with this fox!


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