Green Fairy Audiobook For Sale Now!

The audiobook of Green Fairy is now on sale at Audible (to be on iTunes and Amazon soon)! I’m really excited about this one; it was a challenging book to read, and I think Jay Maxwell nailed it. I enjoyed listening to it for review and the people who were with me also thought Jay did a terrific job of it. I only know him through ACX, where he contacted me when I opened the project to auditions, but I’m delighted he was interested and I know you guys are going to love the interpretation he brings to the text and the characters. I’m already talking to him about doing the second book, but…don’t want to get ahead of myself. :)

The book is up! Go listen to a sample, and if you like it, please please rate and review (and thank you, all you guys who have done that for OOP!).

Now I have to get on an airplane to go to WorldCon.

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