What’s Keeping Me Busy?

I haven’t posted here in almost a week! What gives? Well, you know, sometimes there just isn’t news. I have been working on stuff, though.

* I’m really excited about “Camouflage” and where the story is going. I’m almost up to 50,000 words now, giving myself another cushion so I can keep posting segments in case I have to spend September going to conventions and polishing up “Red Devil.” But it’s honestly a lot of fun, not least because I am discovering a lot of things I can tie into imagery.

* I have been discussing “Red Devil” artwork with Rukis and am very excited to see some of these scenes come to life. She did a fantastic job with “Green Fairy” and this next book promises to be even better. The text itself is being gamma-read, maybe? Second round of edits and comments, anyway. I expect to spend a good deal of September polishing it up, leaving October free for…

* OOP4, which I have not paid much attention to, but I hope to actually spend the fall finishing up major edits on it while also…

* …writing up a first draft of OOP5, but that is a couple months away.

* My Cupcake for next February (at TFF, the launch of the very first Cupcake), “The Mysterious Affair of Giles,” my Agatha Christie homage, is in edits right now and I’m working on getting the artwork nailed down. Sara Palmer, artist of the Argaea books, will be illustrating (hopefully)! I’m very excited to be working with her again.

* And I leave in two days for WorldCon in San Antonio! Any of you guys going to be there?

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