Unsheathed Announcement

Hey, so Unsheathed has been kind of on hiatus even from the Livestreaming, and part of that has been because of my travel, and part of it has been because K.M. is taking a bit of a break from writing stuff to deal with life. But I’m home and itching to talk at y’all again, so I’m lining up some guests to fill in until K.M. returns.

(Please don’t bug K.M. by asking when he’ll be back. He will be back when he’s back.)

First Livestream will be Friday afternoon PST, probably around 3 pm (although watch Twitter for details) at www.livestream.com/unsheathed as per usual, and I will have Keovi as my guest/co-host on the show. We will possibly do another one next week and maybe will try to do one from WorldCon as well if we can. And then at RainFurrest we will have a more traditional Unsheathed with mikes and stuff that will go directly into the feed.

(I still have a bunch of the Livestream eps to drop into the feed–Trickyena has done many and I have been slow to add them.)

Anyway! Come by the LiveStream tomorrow and chat with me and Keovi. It’s been a while!

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