RMFC! and E-books!

Hey, did you guys know Rocky Mountain Fur Con is this weekend? Because I just remembered I have to drive there tomorrow! So yeah, I will be in the dealer’s room at the Sofawolf table, with Divisions and Green Fairy and Heat #10 and Hot Dish, and all the Sofawolf titles you have been looking for. I’ll be happy to sign things (as always, you can bring your Stack of Books if you want, but be courteous to other people who are waiting). Also my gruesome Comic-Con injury is healed, mostly, but I will show you the scar and tell you the harrowing story if you really want to know. Hopefully I can avoid bleeding all over the booth this time.

I’m also doing panels!

Novel Writing Saturday 2pm-3pm: I will talk about novels and my experiences writing them, and will answer your questions about novels!

Kyell Gold Reading Q&A Saturday 4pm-5pm: I will read from something that is not yet published! Also I will take questions about my books and my travels and eagles and gay rights and whatever else you like.

Learning To Love Editing Sunday 1pm-2pm: You have to love editing. I will help you figure out how.

Rukis and I do not have an “Adult Fiction” panel scheduled this year, but watch my Twitter feed and @KitSilver’s, because I just might convince Rukis to hang out in the bar area and do an informal writing panel if we can get an audience together. Or maybe one of the meeting rooms or something–we will see how it goes!

There are a couple other writing panels that look really interesting… “Constructed Languages and Worldbuilding,” Sunday at 2, and “Mainstream and Genre Writing From a Furry Perspective,” in between my two Saturday panels (3-4 pm), both of which have been of interest to me for the last couple years. Also, I think I know who’s running those, and if I’m right, then they’re sure to be good panels. :)

And e-books! For those of you who waded through all the RMFC stuff…or just skipped to the end…Divisions and Winter Games will both be available on all major e-book sites as of August 1, or close to it. You can of course purchase them both RIGHT NOW at baddogbooks.com, but if you have some reason for waiting (an Amazon Gift Card, or a partner who works at Kobo), your wait is nearly over. Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Apple will all have both books very soon. Google may have them soon as well; I should check and see if their upload procedure has gotten any better. But I’ll upload the books tomorrow morning before I leave, and hopefully they will be live on the 1st! Also, you should soon be able to get my books on Rabbit Valley’s site–I will post an announcement when that happens.

Exciting week! And of course, the OOP audiobook is now up on iTunes as well as Audible (no link because I am on a Windows machine here), and I will be reviewing “Green Fairy” this week, so that should be up by the end of August. Thanks to all of you who’ve already picked up OOP!

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