Russian names

(No, this is not about Russia’s persecution of LGBT people, although that is terrible.)

I ran a draft of Red Devil(*) past a Russian friend to make sure I’m not horribly insulting the Russian people or mangling their history somehow. This exchange amused me (it is paraphrased):

Him: The one thing I’d suggest is that you change the town name. It feels too made-up.

Me: Um. That’s a name I got off an actual Russian map.

Him: *looks it up* … oh. Well, that figures. :P

Which I guess is kind of like if I said, “No, you can’t name a town in Michigan after a car. That’s ridiculous.” If that’s the biggest thing so far, I feel pretty good about the book. :)

(*) Red Devil is the upcoming sequel to Green Fairy. Yes. There is going to be one. More on that as it proceeds!

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