What Happens Next-New Argaea story!

Argaea fans! Want a new story? I wrote one just for you. So there was this fox, okay? He lived in a medievalish world and he was a spy. And he had some adventures and had two novels and a couple short stories written about him. And he had a couple cubs, and one of them (the younger one) had a novel written about him too.

So then the older cub got all annoyed because nothing had been written about him (even though he was totally in one of his father’s novels, but you try talking to a pouty teen). So I had to write this story, ALL ABOUT VOLYAN.

It syncs up with Shadow of the Father and will be featured in FurPlanet’s “What Happens Next” anthology, out at AC! Also there is lovely art by Argaea’s own artist Sara Palmer! Who also did the cover!

I will get back to Argaea with a novel soon, but in the meantime, have a novelette (it’s like 12,000 words). I wrote it for you! And Volyan.

(I am sorry for this post but it is 4:30 am and I am at an airport and probably things that seem amusing to me now are really not! But the story is real, and I kinda like it!)

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